Health Spotlight: Bellybar Prenatal Chocolate Vitamins

July 3, 2014
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Health Spotlight: Bellybar Prenatal Chocolate Vitamins



Ditch the “horse pills” of the past and get your complete pregnancy nutrition from the first ever chocolate prenatal vitamin, with DHA. By women, for women, they’ve got everything your doctor recommends. Delicious chocolate packed full of prenatal vitamins with DHA make getting your daily dose an indulgent moment.



Doctor Recommended

“I recommend the Bellybar Prenatal to my patients because it is easy-to-take and a complete multivitamin solution.“
- Dr. Jan Rydfors

We worked with healthcare practitioners, researchers and experts to create quality prenatal vitamins with DHA you can feel good about taking. Our continued research of women’s health and nutrition drives the evolution of our entire line of chewable complete prenatal vitamins

The Power of Two

Bellybar Chocolate Vitamin Balls have all the nutrients pregnant women need. While other brands leave out important, doctor-recommended vitamins like calcium, iron and folic acid, we put just the right amount into your daily dose. Besides being your source for complete prenatal nutrition, they’re also a delicious treat!

Your baby relies on you to give them nutrients they need for a happy, healthy start. When you take a DHA supplement during your pregnancy, you’re helping brain, eye and central nervous system development in your baby. You’re also reducing the risk of postpartum depression for yourself. It’s a win-win essential nutrient doctors recommend.






 About the Company
Back in 2005, we were two great friends getting ready to start our own families. Excited and hopeful, we started looking into what we should do to prepare. Prenatal vitamins were of course on our minds, so we began the research. Completely overwhelmed with so many options, we compared notes. But found ourselves really disappointed with nothing but horse pills available. So, we started chatting with our girlfriends, and it became obvious to us that we were not alone in our dissatisfaction. Everyone we knew complained about the horse pills! We knew there must be a better way — and that is how Bellybar began. First a nutrition bar, then a chewable prenatal vitamin, Bellybar has evolved but the foundation remains the same — a delicious, easy-to-take solution for all the prenatal vitamins, minerals and DHA we need before, during and after pregnancy. We wake up every day wanting to make life just a little bit easier for pregnant women — raising the bar on prenatal nutrition! We hope you enjoy our products. Read More






Company: Nutra Bella
Brand: Belly bar
Slogan: Raising the Bar on Prenatal Nutrition
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 30 (4g) 60mg Vegeterian DHA Chocolate Balls
Claims: Prenatal
Price: $21.29
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Finder











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