Hair Care Spotlight: AB Crew Caffeine Shampoo

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Hair Care Spotlight: AB Crew Caffeine Shampoo

Who needs coffee when you can get your wake-up caffeine through your shampoo? Oh, and our black clay cleans really deep while our super mint super cools. And it smells like rosemary and mint.



DIRECTIONS: Massage into hair and scalp to form a lather. Rinse. You'll be wide awake. Great for pre workou


About the Company
A few decades ago, I had the fortunate childhood naïveté to believe that Kit Kat was part of planet earth—that it literally came as part of life’s offering.

Today, I appreciate better that my belief was somewhat with basis. Indeed, I was exposed to the brand more so than I had been exposed to such things that were part of planet earth as soil, sand and fire. And while my connection to soil, sand and fire has become stronger, I have also grown to recognize how important a role brands play in life. The relationship a brand forms with us can involve so much intrigue, trust, belief and value that we may find ourselves unable to imagine a world without the brand. My childhood belief was not rooted in ignorance but merely a reality I had yet to recognize. Read More






Company: Decium
Brand: AB Crew
Origin: USA
Category: Hair Care
Packaging: 16fl oz (480ml)
Claims: Hair Health
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon