Gum Spotlight: Liquid CORE® Gum Company introduces Life’s Gum® Coffee

July 7, 2021
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Gum Spotlight: Liquid CORE® Gum Company introduces Life’s Gum® Coffee


"Coffee" and "Kissable" Are No Longer Mutually Exclusive Terms

DENVER, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Liquid CORE® Gum Company ("Liquid CORE®") released Life's Gum® Coffee™ today. Following the Life's Gum® Berry Defense® released in April of 2021, Life's Gum® Coffee™ is another unique brand with the company's Signature Liquid Center Functional Delivery System that starts releasing a genuine coffee sensation on the first chew.  Life's Gum® Coffee™ transitions magically from a rich coffee flavor to a minty taste that freshens your breath and cleans your teeth.  Oral health is a priority, which is why the Liquid CORE® brands have more xylitol than any other gum in the world.  Life's Gum® Coffee™ is the first Liquid CORE® brand made with Stevia.

"It tastes like coffee because it's infused with real coffee and caffeine derived from coffee beans," Scott Schaible, Liquid CORE® COO said. "Minty fresh breath is always better than coffee breath, so we simply took care of that."  Chewing Life's Gum® Coffee™ is an authentic coffee experience, with added brain boosting benefits from chewing. Even people who do not regularly drink coffee embrace the gum and the clean mouth. The convenience and portability of Life's Gum® Coffee™ is a bonus. "There are times when it isn't practical to drink a cup, like heading to a workout, or a long drive when restroom breaks are not convenient. We wanted to capture the ritual of coffee for the handful of times when drinking your favorite coffee isn't practical," Schaible continued.

Coffee is one of the most-consumed beverages on the planet, and Life's Gum® Coffee™ gives a serious coffee experience and some upside as well.  "People have a relationship with coffee that we understand and respect. We engineered our coffee formula to see them through on those occasions when chewing is smarter than drinking," said Liquid CORE® Founder & CEO Troy Widgery.  "Whether replacing your first cup of the day or your third, we wanted to provide that feeling of comfort and smooth energy, while giving you fresh breath and cleaning your teeth. The brain-boosting benefits are noticeable," Widgery stated. The Liquid CORE® Team views Life's Gum® Coffee™ as a co-branding deal with the with one of the most popular beverages in existence.  Research on the cognitive benefits of chewing gum is well-documented and includes enhanced memory recall, reduced stress and improved concentration.

While the United States ranks third in the world for coffee consumption, on a per-person basis countries like Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands are the title holders. "Our energy brands like Apollo® and Golf Gum® are quickly gaining traction in Sweden in retail and petrol," said Widgery. "We have a partner brand in The Netherlands, FIRST Energy Gum™, that breaks sales records every quarter. It is the success of the Liquid CORE® energy brands in these leading coffee-consuming countries that helped inspire the idea to formulate a coffee infused functional gum and embrace the coffee community," Widgery continued.

Rather than simply adding coffee flavor to a beverage or snack item, Life's Gum® Coffee™ uses real coffee and caffeine from coffee beans. For times when you want the great Life's Gum® Coffee™ experience but prefer to pass on the caffeine, just make it a decaf.  Simply squeeze the piece and empty the liquid center, which contains the caffeine, and you are left with a great piece of Decaf Life's Gum®. You can customize the dosage to be exactly the way you want it – just like a barista.

About:  Liquid CORE® Gum Company manufactures Liquid Center Functional Delivery Health, Wellness & Energy chewing gums at their factory in Denver, Colorado USA.  Zero sugar, vegan and gluten-free are the hallmark of every Liquid CORE® formula. All Liquid CORE® gums contain more xylitol than any other gum in the world.  For more information visit









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