Functional Spotlight: GarciVitae

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Functional Spotlight: GarciVitae



Born from where innovation meets nutritional research, Yugalab offers tailored solutions for health, beauty and wellbeing. Our inspiration is rooted in our preventive (rather than curative) view of Asian medicine, which places special emphasis on nutrition, body care and wellbeing. According to Zen philosophy, harmony is achieved when the body and the spirit are perfectly balanced, and it is from the spirit that health and vitality flows. Our mission is therefore to maintain our health by giving our bodies the specific care that we have researched and developed.


The human body is mainly composed by water, an adult of 70 kg, contains about 42 liters of water. This percentage decreases with age, from 75% of infants and 60% of adults and 50% in the elderly. This percentage varies even within our bodies, with 73% in the brain, 83% in the lungs, 79% in kidney and 79% in the muscles. Already in the Ancient Rome were known beneficial properties of thermal water and today the modern institutions SPA (literally Salus Per Aquam, Health through Water) reported today the ancient practice of self-care through the water. Our mission is to create, thanks to the selection of a specific type of water, able to make the most of the active elements of the treatments, guaranteeing the freshness and the concentration of “active”.


Yugalab has developed a series of juices that starting from pure puree of ‘superfruits’ obtained with the most innovative technologies and stored in a special dosing cap with the addition of functional molecules and vitamins make it possible to obtain excellent drinks (with the percentage of juice in excess of 12%) with special health properties.


Active ingredients are contained in the special cap. Once it is activated, ingredients are released into the bottle and mixed to other elements. The dosing cap is easy to use, funny, and effective for functional beverage.





Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) helps the body adapt more easily to
the environment, strengthening and protecting tissues and organs.
Mangosteen is a fruit of the richest natural antioxidants, at least 40
xanthones. It is in the pericarp of the fruit that they are concentrated.
Xanthones are among the most powerful antioxidants ever known, and
they are more than 30 times more powerful than green tea.
Mangosteen Xanthones are natural inhibitors of the COX-2 enzyme
involved in inflammation and can trigger numerous mediators of pain. The
action of xanthones prevents the enzyme COX-2 is active, thanks to the
fact that the enzyme is inducible and therefore active only under certain

In this way, the inflammatory process is stopped before it is released or is
removed if it is already underway.

Glucosamine hydrochloride and vitamin C contained in GARCIVITAE
contributes to collagen formation and maintenance of normal articular

Recommendations for use: drink two bottles par day for one month.



Company: Nutrition Pharma
Brand: Yugalab
Category: Functional Beverages
Origin: Monaco
Packaging: 150ml Bottle
Claims: Functional
Variants: NoniVitae, GarciaVitae, GojiVitae
Price: 3,90€
Where to Buy: Coming Soon