Food Spotlight: Wake Up Arequipe Light Peanut Butter

October 2, 2017
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Food Spotlight: Wake Up Arequipe Light Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is an ideal product for when hunger strikes, to avoid those pangs in your stomach, because with only one serving of 36 gr you give your body that energy it needs and that supply of protein to take care of it.

Many athletes consume a serving of peanut butter as a source of energy prior to their workout, including doing so during training for increased performance.

For children it is an excellent option when it comes to lunch, in addition to its great flavor, gives them complete nutrition; helping to make their systems fit for normal development.

The ingredients used in the preparation of our peanut butters are subjected to previous quality controls, so we can guarantee that they are products made with a standard production process in which the appropriate equipment to obtain a quality product.

It is normal to find a small oil separation that is generally located on the top of the container, we recommend that when first using the product you mix this oil again with the peanut butter in order to obtain a consistency and texture equal to that of the first days.


Company: Wake Up
Brand: Wake Up
Origin: Colombia
Category: Spreads
Claims: Natural
Packaging: 360g
Price: $18,000 Colombia Pesos



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