Food Spotlight: Quinola Gluten Free Quinoa Flour and Flakes

January 15, 2016
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Food Spotlight: Quinola Gluten Free Quinoa Flour and Flakes



Quinoa Flakes


Perfect for Porridge

Our organic quinoa Flakes are super practical for a protein and fibre filled hot breakfast porridge that is also Gluten Free.

Just as simple as regular porridge boil up in a pan of milk for 4 minutes for a textured porridge or longer for a smoother one. Chop in some fruit or add some seeds and hey presto, a perfect start to the day. With all those slow release carbs you won’t be tempted to snack before lunch.
Also works great as an addition to a fruit or vegetable smoothie to add a protein punch.
Or why not try baking some Granola bars? The flakes give a lovely oaty texture to the cereal bars with all the natural goodness of Quinoa to pack a nutritional punch.
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Quinoa Flour

Brilliant for Baking

The perfect solution for Gluten Free baking. Use in place of regular flour for any non-raising baking you do. For sponge cakes, breads or other recipes that require the flour to rise you will need to add a raising agent such as xanthan. This will do what Gluten does in wheat based flour, where the fermentation produced by yeast is captured in the elastic protein structure of gluten.
Try out our Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake for a first go with quinoa flour.
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About the company

Quinola was created to bring some super tasty new flavours to your kitchen and make being healthier that little bit easier. By the way it also helps a whole load of Peruvian farmers, several handicapped people in France and the environment generally.



Company: Quinola
Brand: Gluten Free Quinoa Flour and Flakes
Slogan: Mothergrain
Origin: UK
Category: Breakfast, Bakery and Breads
Packaging: 200g and 250g
Claims: Organic, protein and fiber filled flakes, gluten free.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: UK, Store Locator



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