Food Spotlight: Meatless Farm Launches First Plant-Based Hot Dog

April 16, 2021
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Food Spotlight: Meatless Farm Launches First Plant-Based Hot Dog


NEW YORK, NY (February 25, 2021): Meatless Farm, the mission-driven, plant-based food company, is launching a game changing plant-based hot dog – it tastes just like the classic franks loved by all but without any of the overly processed, unhealthy, and often mysterious ingredients that prevent consumers from eating them more often. Crafted with clean and simple plant-based ingredients, Meatless Farm’s hot dog is made with a pea-based protein that is low in sodium, low in saturated fat, and high in protein. Free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, gluten, and soy, Meatless Farm’s hot dog provides a much-needed, mouth-watering alternative to conventional “mystery meat” hot dogs as well as to other plant-based options with unsatisfying textures. Meatless Farm’s plant-based hot dogs will be sold alongside traditional meat-based hot dogs when they launch across retail and foodservice outlets in Summer 2021.

“As Meatless Farm continues to grow within the U.S. market, we are excited to offer a delicious and flavorful hot dog eating experience that our consumers can enjoy in the summer months and beyond,” said Susan Edwards, Product Development Director for Meatless Farm North America. “With the demand for plant-based protein options increasing each year, our team of chefs are dedicated to making fresh, plant-based meat alternatives that satisfy in taste, are easy to cook, and better for both people and the planet.” Meatless Farm’s new hot dog is just one of many innovative products slated to launch by the brand in the coming months.

Meatless Farm’s new hot dog will be available in conventional and natural retailers nationwide this summer and is available to foodservice operators in the US. For more information on the full range of Meatless Farm products or to find out where to purchase, visit The latest product news and updates from the brand can also be found on Instagram @meatlessfarm and Facebook @meatlessfarmusa.

About Meatless Farm
Meatless Farm is a plant-based protein company known for its award-winning meat-free burger patties, ground and sausage products. Almost indistinguishable from meat in terms of taste and texture, products from Meatless Farm are 100% plant-based, gluten-free and are made using the highest-quality, non-GMO ingredients available. The company launched to the trade in the UK in 2018 and has since expanded into 20 countries within Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and the UAE. In 2019, the company entered the U.S. market through a national listing with Whole Foods Market that spanned more than 450 locations. Meatless Farm was founded by Morten Toft Bech after he and his wife discovered the difficulty of preparing quick and easy protein-filled meals for their family, who follow a predominantly plant-based diet.







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