Food Spotlight: Farmhouse Culture Kimchi Kraut

January 21, 2015
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Food Spotlight: Farmhouse Culture Kimchi Kraut


A perfect melding of Korean wisdom and Californian ingredients, our authentic, all organic kimchi will make you smile. Spicy? Yes. Overpowering? No. This kimchi is outrageously delicious and may turn those naysayers into yay! sayers.

Our Kimchi is raw and naturally loaded with probiotics, vegan and gluten-free. According to Health magazine, kimchi is one of the top 5 healthiest foods in the world. Read more about it at

Set forth on a culinary quest and try our kimchi in Korean tacos, kimchi soup, kimchi pancakes and kimchi dumplings. For a long life and unsurpassed happiness, eat it every day as a side dish like the Koreans.

Ingredients: Organic cabbage, organic radish, organic carrots, organic leeks, Sonoma sea salt, organic ginger, organic garlic, organic chili powder, organic date sugar, organic wakame seaweed



The Kraut Pouch
We get a lot of questions about our kraut pouch. Although common in Europe, Farmhouse Culture is the first company in the U.S. to pack krauts and kimchis into this type of pouch. What makes it so special? The Ferment-O-Vent of course!

Raw kraut is a living, breathing food that when packed into jars, can bubble over or can make it nearly impossible to remove the lid. The ferment-o-vent releases this natural build up of pressure without letting in harmful bacteria. The pouch contains no BPAs, is fully recyclable in most states and get this- has cut our carbon footprint by nearly 2/3. Plus, we found our resealable pouch to be perfectly portable: ideal for road trips, picnics, camping and more!

Why Organic
Farmhouse Culture was founded with a commitment to the Slow Food movement’s principles: good, clean, fair food for all.

When we say clean, we mean that we’re only enticed by cabbage grown with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The best way for us to ensure that these practices are being followed is to use only organic produce. Additionally, we work with farmers who go well beyond organic by using sustainable, integrated farming methods that nourish and preserve land for future generations.

We stand strong and proud in our commitment to organic, sustainable systems and hope that you will join us in protecting our health, the health of our planet, and our children’s future by purchasing your food from companies who share these values as well.

About the Company

What does it take to reinvent a classic American condiment?

In 2006, inspired by the idea of regional Slow Foods, our founder Kathryn Lukas began exploring and developing unique hybrid sauerkraut and kimchi recipes using locally sourced organic ingredients.

With her background as a professional chef and experience owning a restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany, she knew she could make a better kraut than what was available on the market. Soon her kitchen counters were lined with crocks of unusual, but tasty, kraut concoctions. Read More




Company: Farmhouse Culture
Brand: Farmhouse Culture
Slogan: Raw Organic Goodness
Origin: USA
Category: Vegetables
Packaging: 16oz pouch
Claims: Organic, Natural
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Finder








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