Food Spotlight: Eatlean SPREADERS

October 17, 2019
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Food Spotlight: Eatlean SPREADERS



Choose your favourite spreader or opt for our Trio Set!

CONVENIENTLY HEALTHY – Giving you more options for a more convenient way to eat healthy at lunchtime or in the evenings.  We bring you three versatile flavours of delicious spreaders!  Ideal for spreading in your wrap or sandwiches, on bagels or crisp-breads, or for lightening up your favourite jacket potato.

Not only are they below 90g in calories per 1/2 pot and high in protein,  they are also GLUTEN FREE, meaning those of you with a gluten intolerance can enjoy them too!

  • Low Calorie
  • High Protein
  • Low Fat
  • Gluten free
  • 100% natural ingredients

Get creative with our spreaders and send us your spreader meal suggestions via email, or tag us in on social media and use the hashtag #EatleanSpreaders !

If you have a question about spreaders, check out our FAQ’s here.


Cheese & Chive Spreader

Your favourite protein cheese blended with tasty chives for that fresh chive taste!  Stuff into chicken or fill your red peppers!

WW Smart Points – The whole tub contains just 4 points!

Ingredients: Quark (Milk)(48%), Eatlean Protien Cheese (Milk)(29%), Gluten free beer (Barley), Gluten free breadcrumbs (5%), Butter (Milk), Onions (2%), Salt, Chives (0.2%), Xantham gum (E145).

Guaranteed shelf life on delivery: 6-10 days (Not suitable for re-freezing)


Chicken Spreader

A rich and moreish spreader, perfect for smothering over your favourite bread, crackers or rice cakes.

WW Smart Points – The whole tub contains just 2 points!

Ingredients: Chicken liver (62%), Quark (Milk)(31%), Onions (16%), Lean Bacon [pork (89%), Water, Salt, preservatives: Sodium nitrate, Sodium ascorbate (12%)], Garlic, Mustard powder (Mustard), Salt, Mixed herbs, Rosemary, Thyme, Marjoram, Pepper.

Guaranteed shelf life on delivery: 17-21 days (Not suitable for re-freezing)


Salmon Spreader



A smooth and smoky salmon spreader with a hint of zest to flavour up your lunchtime jacket potato.

WW Smart Points – The whole tub contains just 4 points!

Ingredients: Salmon (Fish)(53%), Quark (Milk)(45%), Horseradish sauce (Mustard, Milk, Sulphites), Organic lemon juice, Pepper, Xantham gum (E145)

Guaranteed shelf life on delivery: 6-10 days (Not suitable for re-freezing)

Produced in a factory that handles nuts. Use within 2 days of opening & use by date.  Keep refrigerated between 0-4 degrees Celsius. Product has already been frozen – Not suitable for re-freezing.



About Eatlean Protein Cheese

We believe in bringing you a completely natural cheese that is high in protein, low in fat and big on taste, helping you create delicious low calorie meals, or achieve your personalised diet plans.

Eatlean Protein cheese is handmade using 100% British cows milk by expert cheesemakers on our dairy farm in Cheshire, and it’s bursting with benefits for your new leaner healthier lifestyle… Read More



Company: Eatlean
Brand: Eatlean
Origin: UK
Category: Spreaders
Claims: Low Calorie. High Protein. Gluten Free. Natural Ingredients
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £2.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator


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