Food Spotlight: Bulk Powders High Protein Snack Bars

April 14, 2016
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Food Spotlight: Bulk Powders High Protein Snack Bars




High Protein Snack Bars are another BULK POWDERS™ exclusive product, providing an alternative (or addition!) to our ever popular High Protein Flapjacks.

As the name suggests, these bars are packed with protein. In fact, each bar delivers a massive 27g protein, wrapped up in a delicious, soft and doughy texture. They are a perfectly convenient snack and are the ideal way to add quality protein to your diet.

The protein content of High Protein Snack Bars is derived entirely from high quality protein sources: Whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Isolate. Many similar bars are loaded with cheap sources of Gelatin  – whilst this may be great for the texture of a bar, it is an inferior protein source and is not utilised effectively by the body. To this extent it is not only important what goes in to a bar, but also what does not! BULK POWDERS™ are only interested in providing a quality product – and in our opinion that is one without ingredients such as Gelatin.



There are 3 unique and delicious flavours to choose from:

Chocolate Praline – a soft and fluffy chocolate praline centre, complemented with a smooth chocolate coating and real hazelnut pieces for added texture.

Strawberries & Cream – a heavenly strawberry centre, complemented with a luxurious white chocolate coating and real strawberry pieces for added flavour.

Chocolate Orange - A soft and zesty orange centre, containing freeze dried orange pieces, layered in a gorgeous dark chocolate coating.

High Protein Snack Bars are luxurious enough to satisfy a sweet tooth and almost make you feel like you are eating something a little bit naughty – when in fact you are consuming an impressive 27g protein with minimal amounts of fat and sugar. Throw out the pack of chocolate biscuits and replace them with a box of BULK POWDERS™ High Protein Snack Bars. We assure you that they will be just as satisfying, minus all the junk!



Milk Protein Isolate

Made from ultra-filtered skimmed milk, Milk Protein Isolate is made from 80% casein and 20% whey. This combination of both fast and slow release protein means that High Protein Snack Bars are a great addition to your diet, anytime of the day.

Whey Protein Concentrate

Our premium and best-selling Whey Protein Concentrate provides further protein content, whilst also being rich in BCAA and Glutamine – fuelling muscle growth and recovery.

Real Strawberry Pieces (Strawberries & Cream Variant)

Delicious 100% strawberry pieces that burst with flavour and provide added health and antioxidant benefits.

Roasted Hazelnut Pieces (Chocolate Praline Variant)

Real, tasty hazelnut pieces rich in monounsaturated fats as well as Vitamin E, B6 and Folate.

Freeze Dried Orange Pieces (Chocolate Orange Variant)

Real free dried orange pieces providing bursts of zesty orange flavour throughout the bar.


A high quality, superior Probiotic documented to support the immune system, digestive system and general health.



Unlike other brands and well-known protein bars, High Protein Snack Bars contain no cheap filler ingredients such as Gelatin and Soya. These are often included to bolster protein content, improve taste, enhance texture and reduce costs. When demolishing a High Protein Snack Bar, you can rest assured that the protein content is derived entirely from quality sources such as Milk and Whey. 



Each 85g High Protein Snack Bar gives you a massive 27g protein (*26g for Chocolate Praline). With their high protein content, only from quality sources, low fat (≤4.5g) and sugar (≤3.9g) levels, LactoSpore® Probiotic content, as well as being high in dietary fibre, BULK POWDERS™ High Protein Snack Bars have an unrivalled nutritional profile. Helping to promote both muscle growth and recovery, whilst also supporting the immune system and digestive function, these bars are the perfect snack for anytime of the day.

Whether it's after a workout or before bed – High Protein Snack Bars deliver an instant, yet sustained supply of premium protein, amino acids and nutrients.


About the company

BULK POWDERS™ began trading exclusively online in 2005. Since then the company has grown from a small unit in a self-storage facility to a state of the art 16,000 sq ft. warehouse and manufacturing facility based in Colchester, Essex. We’re certainly not a company that stands still, and as part of our mission we are striving to ensure that we offer the most comprehensive range of health and performance nutrition supplements available – at the lowest prices and the highest quality!

BULK POWDERS™ is unique within the sports nutrition industry. We only sell directly to the consumer (i.e. you!) and manufacture the vast majority of our products in-house. This enables us to sell at the absolute lowest prices possible, by avoiding the additional overheads that are built in to products from other brands.
By selling directly to you, we avoid the need to use distributors and wholesalers, who would apply an additional mark-up to our products in order to satisfy their own profit margin. Additionally, by manufacturing in-house, we are able to keep our production costs to a minimum and prevent the need for expensive outsourced manufacturers.


Company: Bulk Powders
Brand: High Protein Snack Bars
Origin: UK
Category: Bars
Packaging: 12-pack
Claims: 3 delicious flavours, real fruit and nut pieces, gelatin and soy free.
Variants: View product range here
Price: £19.99
Where to Buy: UK, Buy Online



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