Food Spotlight: Ancient Harvest POW! Pasta Packs a One-Two Punch

September 21, 2016
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Food Spotlight: Ancient Harvest POW! Pasta Packs a One-Two Punch



Brand focused on simple ingredients adds high-protein pasta to its portfolio of plant-based products


BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- With the nationwide launch of Ancient Harvest POW! Pasta, pasta lovers no longer have to choose between wholesome and delicious. POW! Pasta is a new sub-brand from Ancient Harvest providing consumers with a one-two, plant-based nutritional punch. POW! has double the protein of traditional pasta1 – up to 25g per 3.5 ounce serving – plus simple, recognizable ingredients with the same taste and texture of traditional pasta that consumers love.

Each Ancient Harvest POW! Pasta variety is made with a blend of beans or lentils and quinoa, which deliver the plant-based protein. With five varieties of pasta, three flavors of boxed mac & cheese, and two delicious 15-minute, one-pot pasta meals, mealtime for pasta fans will never be the same.


"At Ancient Harvest, we believe food should taste good and fuel your body and we know this is what our consumers want too. When the kids are begging for pasta, Ancient Harvest POW! products are a great solution parents can feel good about feeding their families and enjoying themselves," said, John Becker, CEO of Ancient Harvest. "Ultimately, Ancient Harvest POW! products are about getting more from your pasta."

Ancient Harvest POW! Pastas are naturally gluten-free, contain more fiber2 and have two times the protein of traditional pasta. They are available in ten varieties, including mac & cheese and pasta meals:

  • Ancient Harvest POW! Black Bean Elbows
  • Ancient Harvest POW!Red Lentil Rotini
  • Ancient Harvest POW! Green Lentil Penne
  • Ancient Harvest POW!Green Lentil Spaghetti
  • Ancient Harvest POW! Red Lentil Linguini
  • Ancient Harvest POW! Mac & Cheese Mild Cheddar Elbows
  • Ancient Harvest POW! Mac & Cheese Sharp Cheddar Shells
  • Ancient Harvest POW! Mac & Cheese White Cheddar Shells
  • Ancient Harvest POW! Pasta Meals Cubanitos
  • Ancient Harvest POW! Pasta Meals Italiano

Hitting shelves now, Ancient Harvest POW! Pasta is available at select natural food stores and grocery stores across the country. The suggested retail price is $2.99 for mac & cheese $3.39 for pasta, and $5.89 for pasta meals. To find POW! Pasta at a store near you, visit

About Ancient Harvest
At Ancient Harvest, we've been cooking up modern versions of ancient foods for more than 35 years. Our products pack valuable, plant-based nutrition only found in nature's finest ingredients – including quinoa, beans and lentils – into the foods you crave, such as pasta, mac and cheese, hot cereal and more. No matter the meal, Ancient Harvest provides the delicious, plant-based fuel you need to power up your day.

1 POW! Pasta (2 oz) 14g protein; Wheat Pasta (2 oz) 7g protein
2 POW! Pasta (2 oz) 7g fiber; Wheat Pasta (2 oz) 2g fiber







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