Food Service Spotlight: Lean Box

September 11, 2015
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Food Service Spotlight: Lean Box



Our team scours the Earth to discover delicious natural foods from responsible sources.

Customized menus delivered automatically to the shelves of your office's hi-tech refrigerator.

Your employees work hard, give them the food they deserve.


Every office is unique. We analyze workplace size, employee dietary needs & tastes to discover who you are and what you aspire to eat. No two LeanBoxes are the same. From a universe of soups, salads, meals & snacks, we determine your ideal launch inventory. We monitor inventories remotely, in real-time, and make deliveries automatically to meet demand. We know what you're eating and when you're eating it. Product mix is adjusted in response to real data. Some offices love salads, others need organic meals. We find what your employees need and deliver it-automatically.



Food service in the office can be tough. LeanBox is easy. 

Great options are limited. When it comes to feeding your employees healthy, nourishing food, a bag of chips and a soda doesn't cut it.


  • Cafeterias take up too much space and cost too much money to operate.
  • Vending machines are full of junk and can't provide healthy, balanced meals.
  • Managing catering is difficult. It's hard to time, place, and monitor orders. Getting everyone to eat the same food at the same time? Good luck.
  • Grocery orders drain time. Your employees have better things to do.



About the company

We've been there. We have sat in that cubicle. We know what if feels like when the day just gets too busy for lunch lines, and when chips and soda just won't cut it. We set out to solve this common problem in the workplace. We know there is a better way, and we are passionate about bringing it to you.

We are a Boston based company with a simple, but lofty goal - Change the way we eat at work.



Company: Lean Box
Brand:  Lean Box
Slogan:  Lean Box
Origin: US
Category:  Food service
Packaging: Customized
Claims: Healthy food from quality sources, customized menus, hi-tech refrigerator
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US



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