Fashion Spotlight: Aether Apparel

April 21, 2015
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Fashion Spotlight: Aether Apparel



AETHER Apparel offers high-end technical outerwear with a clean modern design.

AETHER strives to be a pure expression of form and function. By utilizing technologically advanced fabrics in a more sophisticated form, our collection offers sportswear for the outdoor enthusiast who wants function without sacrificing modern design and aesthetics.

All of AETHER products are designed at our headquarters in Los Angeles, but they are manufactured all over the world. Currently, we work with factories in Canada, China, the Philippines, and the United States.
Our decision to move a portion of our production overseas was made with great reluctance. We'd love to do all of our manufacturing in the US and would happily pay a premium to do it. However, to date, we've been unable to find a US manufacturer capable, or even willing, to take on the highly technical garments we've set out to make. The skilled workforce and advanced machinery to do so have moved overseas many years ago - long before we started Aether.
Quality is our absolute top priority. We are unwilling to compromise the integrity of our products in exchange for country of origin. Location will always be a consideration when selecting factories, however our focus will remain on finding manufacturers that have the most skilled workforce, advanced machinery, and technical expertise.





Company: Aether Apparel
Brand: Aether Apparel
Origin: USA
Category: Clothing
Claims: high-end technical outerwear with a clean modern design
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Store Locations








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