Product Spotlight: Extreme Power Shot

January 28, 2013
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Product Spotlight: Extreme Power Shot

Greenside from Nuevo Leon, México has launched Extreme Power Shot. Extreme Power shot is a potent mix of caffeine and taurine that provides for up to 6 hours of continuous energy.  Currently available in three flavor varieties in a 60ml bottle. This product is sure to pack a punch and the beauty is that Extreme Power Shot  contains zero calories.

Energy Shots have become very popular around the world over the last few years made famous by the classic 5 Hour Energy Drink.  México has been slow to catch on to this growing trend overall however Greenside is looking to stake their claim in the energy shot category in this country. The popularity of energy shots is due in large part to the convenience factor.  Whether you are studying for an exam, need an extra pick me up at work or have trouble getting up in the morning all you need to do is drink a 60ml shot and you´ll be feeling energized in no time.  For those consumers that don´t want to sip on a regular sized energy drink for half an hour shots are a great option.  These products are typically purchased by the male demographic and the logo and labels for these products typically are designed for this consumer.

We found this product in an Auto Zone store in the state of Sinaloa and decided to give it a try.  The flavor is rather bitter so I was glad it was only 60ml however due to the high caffeine and taurine content this was to be expected.  The energy did not take long to kick in and it was not a jittery rush like you get with other energy products.  I tried the citrus flavor so I would be curious to try the other versions to see how they taste.

We expect the energy drink category to grow quite a bit over the next two years in Latin America.  Single serving shots represent a great growth opportunity for companies like Greenside that currently have very little competition in México.  We are seeing a move towards more natural ingredients so this could be a good opportunity for manufacturers as well to launch a ´natural energy shot´to meet demand from health conscious consumers.


Company: GreenSide
Brand: Extreme Power Shot
Slogan: Feel the Power!
Category: Energy Drinks
Origin: México
Price: $34.50 Mexican Pesos
Packaging: 60ml
Claims: Zero Calories, Zero Sugar
Varieties: Blueberry, Punch, Citrus


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