Ethically Questionable Natural Shampoos

August 8, 2012
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Ethically Questionable Natural Shampoos


The Super Crazy Look shampoo range includes a number of shampoos made with natural ingredients such as watermelon and apple as well as a herb based conditioner. However, some of the products in the line are slightly more unique and even slightly questionable ethically. One of these contains bear oil while another is made with horse tail extract.

Analysis and Impact:

It seems likely that many people would either be opposed to these ingredients or may just feel uncomfortable rubbing the products into their hair. The bear oil is supposed to add shine while horse tail extract promotes growth and is supposed to be especially useful for those with thinning hair. While this justifies the use of the ingredients, it does seem strange that the company proudly announces that the products are not tested on animals.

These shampoos only appear to be available in independent stores in places such as the Mexico City metro. The company is Mexican although most of the writing on the bottle is in English with basic grammatical mistakes such as "with proud" instead of "with pride."

Company: Master System Natural Care.

Brand: Super Crazy Look.

Spotted in: Tianguis de Belleza, Mexico City.

Presentation: 500 ml.

Price: $20.00.

Available in: Independent stores, Mexico City metro.

Claims: Health, shine, volume, beauty.

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