Energy Spotlight: Rockstar Roasted Mocha

December 24, 2013
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Energy Spotlight: Rockstar Roasted Mocha


Visiting a coffee plantation in Brazil gave us a simple but novel idea: the combination of ice cold coffee taste and the typical rock star kick!
Refined with a subtle mocha flavor, Rockstar Roasted offers you the perfect start to the day! Best enjoy ice cold.


Per Serving size: 100g, Fat, Energy(kj): 111, Energy(kcal): 26, Protein(g/mg): 3.6g, Fat(g/mg): 1.5g, Saturated Fat(g/mg): 1g, Total Carbohydrate(g/mg): 8g, Sugar: 6g, Fat: 1.5g; Protein: 3.6g; Carbohydrate: 8g


Water, semi-skimmed condensed milk, sugar, skimmed milk powder, liquid coffee extract, condensed milk, taurine (4g / l), flavor (with caffeine), color (sulfite ammonia, caramel), cream, acidity regulator (potassium phosphate), salt, emulsifier (monoglycerides and diglycerides of fatty acids, glucuronolactone (240mg / l), ginseng extract (200mg / l), sweeteners (acesulfame-k, sucralose), flavor (caffeine), guarana extract (100mg / l), inositol (100mg / l), niacin, pantothenate, vitamin B6. Increased caffeine content. 32mg/100ml. This product contains caffeine and the enjoyment is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women and individuals sensitive to caffeine please consume this product responsibly rockstar energy.
Drink must not be mixed with alcohol.



Company: Pepsico
Brand: Rockstar
Origin: USA
Category: Energy & Sports Drinks
Packaging:  355 grams Can
Claims: Gluten free.
Variants : Mocha
Price: $24/Tin
Where to Buy:  Company Website

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