Eggs: the new super-food?

April 11, 2012 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Eggs: the new super-food?
They're rich in vitamins and minerals and have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties. Could eggs be the new super-food?

Easter Day should begin with – what else? – eggs. For breakfast I favour soft-boiled myself, with a crunchy sprinkle of Maldon and sourdough soldiers. There are few finer moments than when your first soldier pierces the yolk and the sunflower-yellow liquid flows out, telling you that for once – yes! – you have got the timing exactly right: quivering but cooked white and liquid yolk.

Eggs are an even greater treat now that we can eat them minus the nutritional guilt and worry that hovered around them for so long. Cholesterol, heart disease, salmonella – hen's eggs seemed like oval bombs, to be handled with extreme caution. Now, thanks to the successful British Lion mark scheme, launched in 1998, salmonella is nothing like the concern it once was. As for the nutritional value of eggs, there has been a dramatic rethink. Far from being seen as a dietary liability, they are now commended. That shell contains not a bomb but a gift.

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