E-Cig Spotlight: Joystick Bubblegum Flavor Vaping Device

February 5, 2014
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E-Cig Spotlight: Joystick Bubblegum Flavor Vaping Device



The Joystick Multi pack edition - Joystick BubblegumJoy

The Joystick is a state of the art disposable vaping device, it's hand held, light and comes in a variety of pastel colours and flavours. The Joystick is ready to use the second you receive it. Needs no charging or tampering, just remove it from it's packaging and start your vaping experience, it's that simple. It contains no nicotine, no tar, no tobacco all pleasure!

-Comes packaged with 5 Joysticks
- Up to 600 puffs
- Nicotine free
- Each Joystick 115mm x 9.2mm
- Blue glowing crystal tip
- RoHS Approved
- CE Approved
- Legal to use indoors in the UK

What's a Joystick
The Joystick is a refreshingly flavoured electronic ‘vaping’ device. Which contains no tobacco, no tar, no nicotine, no poisons or toxins, which are all found in cigarettes and traditional shisha. This is because what the Joystick produces isn’t smoke but an almost odourless steam-like vapour.

How it works?
When smoking traditional cigarettes or shisha you produce smoke by burning tobacco, this is what then creates the thousands of poisons and toxins, which can lead to serious health implications. The Joystick uses a small battery-powered element that heats the e liquid, which produces the vapour.

We currently have 5 refreshing flavours to chose from. Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Peach and Blueberry all popular shisha flavours that we have carefully developed to ensure we supply you with the best ‘vaping’ experience.

Company: The Joystick Company
Brand: Joystick
Origin: UK
Category: Electronic Cigarettes
Packaging: Pack of 5
Variants: Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Peach, Bubblegum and Blueberry
Price: £12.50
Where to buy: Buy Online
Website: thejoystickcompany.com





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