Drink Spotlight: Treo Birch Water

October 10, 2016
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Drink Spotlight: Treo Birch Water




As American as…blueberries? It’s true, this delicious fruit is native to the U.S. – and filled with healthy benefits. That means you can feel good about sipping and feel good from sipping this delightful blue brew.




Peach Mango

Our juicy peaches and sweet mangoes go together like sunshine and summertime – and they’re both bursting with refreshing flavor. Go on, peach yourself right. (Sorry not sorry.)




Coconut Pineapple

Our Coconut Pineapple flavor has so many things going for it: it's delicious; it's refreshing; it conjurs up images of relaxing on a sandy beach next to azure waters with an umbrella drink in-hand. Go on, try it, we've tapped into something good here.






Whether they’re perched atop shortcake or whipped up in a daiquiri, we simply can’t get enough of strawberries. Once we introduced this fine strawberry flavor to our tasty organic birch water…well, the rest, as they say, is delicious history.



Where It All Began

In 1972, my Dad, Hymie Golden, my Uncle, Lennie Marsh and their childhood friend Arnie Greenberg formed the Unadulterated Food Products Company and began selling natural fruit juices and sodas under the name L&A Fruit Company. A few successful years later, they created a new family of natural iced teas and fruit drinks made from the best stuff on Earth, called Snapple. Not only did they start a beverage revolution, they built perhaps the most loyal, passionate fans of all time.

Visit their website to learn more!





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