Drink Spotlight: Teaonic I Love My Skin Herbal Tea Supplement

August 22, 2016
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Drink Spotlight: Teaonic I Love My Skin Herbal Tea Supplement



Zesty Lemon & Calming Hibiscus

Your skin is your largest organ and the "mirror" to your internal health: whatever is happening inside your body is sure to show up on the outside. When you're stressed out, you get that big pimple or irritating rash on your skin; when you're dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and flaky; and when you eat junk foods or party a little too much, your skin can be left looking puffy and dull. While most skin solutions focus on the surface, for genuinely healthy and radiant skin, it is essential to heal from within.

I LOVE MY SKIN is a refreshing tonic that helps flush out toxins and impurities and promote healthy skin from the cellular level.* This delicious herbal tea supplement is made from a handcrafted blend of herbs each selected for their skin purifying and nourishing properties.* Completely unsweetened and caffeine-free, all of this herbal action is packed into a ready-to-go bottle, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. So drink and positively glow with health.




Hibiscus is a deep-red flower that has been used for centuries for its refreshing taste as well as for its beneficial health properties. Hibiscus has traditionally been used to support skin health, digestive function, healthy fluid retention levels, and respiratory health. Hibiscus is also known for being rich in vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants that support the overall immune system.

Rooibos originally comes from the southwest tip of South Africa and has been enjoyed by natives of the region for centuries for its naturally delicious, sweet brew and health benefits. Rooibos is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and has been traditionally used to support the immune system. Rooibos also has both stress-relieving and energizing properties, helping to calm the central nervous system and support energy levels naturally.

Dandelion has long been used in traditional herbal medicine to help support and detoxify the liver. Given its detoxification properties, both the roots and leaves are used to support skin health, aid digestion, and help flush out harmful substances from the body to promote overall health. Dandelion also has mild diuretic properties and helps support healthy fluid elimination.

Lemongrass has long been used in Asian cooking, especially in delicious Thai dishes. As its name implies, it brews into a delightful, citrus flavor. It is known for its ability to help uplift mood, alleviate stress, revitalize from within, and promote a sense of balance. Traditionally, Lemongrass has been used to help support detoxification in the body and promote overall good health.

Burdock Root has traditionally been in herbal medicine for centuries to help support the detoxification process in the body. Known to be a blood purifier and to promote normal liver function, Burdock helps clear the body of impurities and promotes healthy, clear skin.

Red Clover has been used in traditional herbal medicine to support healthy skin and overall detoxification in the body. It was used by herbalists for various skin conditions to help remove toxins and impurities. Red Clover is known for its rich nutritional content and also used to support healthy lymphatic, endocrine, and immune function.

The famed ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates considered Nettles a cure for almost all ailments and it has been used for thousands of years as a general tonic for overall good health. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and used in herbal medicine as a popular nutrition source. Nettles also support circulation, healthy inflammatory response, and detoxification in the body.

The power of love to change our bodies is legendary. Throughout history and everyday experience, love has been recognized as a valuable element in healing. Love moves the flesh and pushes matter. When something is made with love it not only tastes better, but it nourishes the soul. It is a secret ingredient filled with the commitment, desire, and care to provide the highest-quality herbal teas to help you achieve life-long health and happiness.






Desiree grew to love tea at a very young age. As part of her childhood, anytime anyone in her family got sick, her mother Fleur always prepared healing herbal teas from generation-old recipes. The memories still stay with her...and her mom was right: there was nothing a good herbal tea couldn't help.

Fleur and Desiree's journey into learning about the powers of herbal teas began when Desiree encountered some health issues of her own. A passionate student, Desiree graduated magna cum laude from UCLA and top of her class from UCLA School of Law, which led her to a high-stress job as a lawyer. And the stress over time did its damage - Desiree was tired, lacked energy, and the girl who was always smiling and had a love for life, found herself with her health in a mess. Read More



Company: TEAONIC
Origin: USA
Category: herbal tea
Packaging: 8 fl oz (240ml)
Claims: 100% organic. Natural. Unsweetened
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $5.00 / Bottle
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: teaonic.com





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