Drink Spotlight: Tamaya Gourmet Sauvignon Grape Juice

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Drink Spotlight: Tamaya Gourmet Sauvignon Grape Juice


This unique 100% Pure Sauvignon Grape Juice is produced with Sauvignon Blanc Grapes from the Northern Chilean territory. The outcome is a Super Premium Juice with a herbal and green-fruit taste with a pleasant aroma.


100% Pure Fruit Juice
NO Sugar Added
NO Preservatives
NO Artificial Colors
NO Artificial Flavors
NOT From Concentrate (NFC)
Gluten Free
Natural Source of PHOLYFENOLS
1/2 kilo of fruit per bottle



Why Tamaya Gourmet

The Limarí Valley is located 250 miles North of Santiago, just south of the driest place on Earth—the Atacama Desert—and near the limpid waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This particular location allows Tamaya Gourmet to take advantage of the perfect combination of climate and soil, where the clearest skies in the world open up to bright sunlight, creating a cool, sunny and immaculate area.


Integrated Company
The Tamaya holding is a fully integrated company located in a unique and immaculate valley in Northern Chile.Our task starts by cultivating the plants and continues with the harvesting, bottling, and finally, commercialization of a whole selection of fresh fruit and gourmet products.


The bottling facilities at Tamaya Gourmet are located adjacent to the fields where the fruits are grown. This element allows us to harvest and conserve the fruits and final gourmet products with ultimate quality and freshness.




Company: Tamaya Gourmet
Brand: Tamaya Gourmet
Origin: Chile
Category: Juice
Packaging: 250ml bottle
Claims: 100% Juice
Variants: Sauvignon, Moscatel, Carica
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Chile
Website: tamayagourmet.com