Drink Spotlight: Take a Sip Hibiscus Tea

July 2, 2014
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Drink Spotlight: Take a Sip Hibiscus Tea


HIbiscus, your new cup of tea. Well, bottle actually.


5 reasons to drink hibiscus

1. Made with real hibiscus flower.

We really dislike wannabes. Actually, who doesn't? That's why we make sure every bottle of our Hibiscus Tea is made with real dried hibiscus flower.

2. Caffeine Free

No jitters. Just a delicious drink that actually is really good for you.

3. Tart is the new sweet.

Starts off light and sweet but then streams its way to a slight tarty finish. You'll fall in love with this unique twist of taste.

4. Kick back your feet and relax.

Get that "jamaca" swinging and take the pressure off. Studies show Hibiscus helps lower blood pressure.* Google it.

5. It's in your nature to want something natural.

Luckily enough, our hibiscus tea is truly natural. No fuzzy artificial flavors here, so SIP confidently.







Company: Take a Sip
Brand: Take a Sip
Origin: Puerto Rico
Category: Tea
Packaging: 473ml (16fl oz)
Claims: No added sugar, preservatives or sweeteners
Variants: Hibiscus
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Finder
Website: takeasip.co

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