Drink Spotlight: Stumptown Sparkling Cold Brew

February 15, 2017
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Drink Spotlight: Stumptown  Sparkling Cold Brew



We’d like to introduce you to the celestial marvel called Sparkling Cold Brew.

These refreshing and tasty pop-tops come in three varieties: Original, Ginger Citrus, and Honey Lemon.

The inspiration for Sparkling Cold Brew, like most ideas we have, was born in the cafe. For the past year, we’ve been mixing up fresh seasonal Cold Brew sodas in our home cafes. We first launched them in our New Orleans cafe last April, the idea emboldened by a city that loves iced coffee and drinking, in general. We started with the summery Endless Summer and bright Duane Sorenson, both refreshing versions of our favorite cold coffee cocktails.

As the weather cooled this Fall, we happily sipped The Salty Henry and The Tonty into the long afternoons. Further encouraged by our love of drinking coffee while rambling around, we canned up this line of portable buzzy bubblers that are ready for you to sip wherever you find yourself.

For the days when you need a lift but maybe aren’t all in for a lightning ride, Sparkling Cold Brew is your co-pilot. These babies contain half the caffeine of our classic Cold Brew coffee with the added lift of bubbles. We figure Sparkling Cold Brew is just the road soda to pack along on your next campout, surf trip or barbecue. Also, quite nice as a hangover helper, incidentally. We’re looking at you, Mardi Gras.





The Original is a nod to classic old world coffee sodas like the Manhattan Special and Brasilena, made with carbonated Cold Brew coffee, natural cane sugar and a touch of lemon.

Ginger Citrus

Inspired by our big love of Ginger Beer around our Portland HQ, the Ginger Citrus doses out a hearty ginger kick-in-the-pants, which sits well with a bit of sugar and citrus to balance it all out.

Honey Lemon

Our Portland neighbors and beekeeper/honey makers Bee Local reminded us how good honey and Cold Brew are together. This one is a nod to our Duane Sorenson soda in the cafe – it’s an Arnold Palmer-type refresher.


Creative Director & Composer: Tim Wenzel

Director of Photography: Jon Humphries











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