Drink Spotlight: Rooibee Red Tea

December 1, 2015
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Drink Spotlight: Rooibee Red Tea



Rooibee Red Tea
Our certified USDA Organic, all-natural tea is rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine-free, gluten-free and contains a full serving of Vitamin C. Yes, we’re tooting our own horn, because we think you’ll love our tea as much as we do.







About the company:

Though others have tried, there is only one place in the world to grow rooibos: the Western Cape of South Africa. Pronounced roy-bos in their native Afrikaans language, rooibos translates to “red bush.” This is the secret to what the rest of the world calls “red tea.” It is not a tea in the standard definition, but rather a legume similar to peas, beans and lentils. Rooibos contains endless health benefits that South African families have revered for generations. They not only take advantage by drinking rooibos, but also put it in baby bottles to calm their colicky children or take baths in it to sooth their skin from eczema. Read More



Company: Rooibee Red Tea
Brand: Rooibee
Origin: USA
Category: Organic Tea
Packaging: 12 fl oz
Claims: Organic, all-natural, rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine-free, gluten-free
Variants: Rooibee Red Tea, Rooibee Roo Tea
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Buy Local
Website: www.rooibeeredtea.com







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