Drink Spotlight: Plenish Longlife Almond Milk

January 14, 2016
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Drink Spotlight: Plenish Longlife Almond Milk

With just three simple ingredients and no additives, preservatives or sweeteners, our deliciously plenishing almond m*lk is bursting with organic goodness from the plant kingdom. In fact, with a high nut content, it's chock full of nutrients. It's a natural source of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant (that means it protects your precious cells from oxidative stress) and protein, to maintain healthy muscles and bones. When you replace saturated fats for heart-healthy monosaturated fats found in this almond m*lk, you can reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Filtered Water
Himalayan Salt









PLENISH is more than just a cleanse
We created PLENISH cleanses to allow your system the necessary rest in order to stay in tiptop shape to keep up with your full life. But why just feel the benefits of cold pressed juices when you’re cleansing when you could enjoy them every day? At the PLENISH juice boutique, you can pick and mix to create a box of your favourite juices. Or if you’re really hooked and want an ongoing daily juice fix, why not subscribe to a weekly juice delivery?

We cold press to impress
Our hydraulic press imported from the US gently and completely extracts the natural vegetable and fruit juices unleashing the phytonutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements from our organic produce. This results in the finest quality and flavour which is unequalled by any other method of juice extraction. It’s actually a two-step process: first, the food goes through a grinder and then, goes through the hydraulic press. The process produces juice so fine and pulp-free, it can be absorbed into your blood stream to feed your cells within 10 to 15 minutes.

We use high pressure,not heat
We are utilising a process called High Pressure which uses pressure, instead of heat, to stop micro flora growth (present in all fresh food), therefore, it makes the juice safer to consume and naturally extends the shelf life. The process is an external one, meaning the sealed, fresh bottle of juice is submerged into a cold tank of water - It is the same effect as subjecting the food to an ocean depth of 60 Kilometres deep -if an ocean this deep existed!





Well done, you! Whether you’ve placed your order, or are simply considering a PLENISH cold pressed juice delivery, you are one step closer to becoming a cleaner, greener, leaner you!

PLENISH delivers full juice cleanse programs and juice boxes straight to your door (home, office or hotel) whether you live in London or Mainland UK. Deliveries vary depending on whether you live in London or the rest of the UK, so listen up!


Company: Plenish Cleanse
Brand: Plenish Cleanse
Slogan: More Nuts, More Nutrition
Origin: UK
Category: Dairy Alternative
Packaging: 500ml
Claims: Dairy Free, Unsweetened
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £3.49
Where to BuyBuy OnlineStockists
Website: plenishcleanse.com







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