Drink Spotlight: Mondariz Premium Tea

December 10, 2013
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Drink Spotlight: Mondariz Premium Tea


Mondariz Premium Tea is made ​​with real Mondariz mineral water and no sugar. This drink, lemon flavor, is intended for all those who want to enjoy the flavor and personality of a good tea. It comes in 33cl can format. The package, an allegory to the naturalness of the tea plant, known for its bright yellow that evokes the citrus notes of lemon balances the neutrality and elegance of black.

The packaging symbolizes the natural nature of the tea plant, with its striking yellow color that evokes the citrus notes of the lemon, balanced out by the neutral elegance of the black.


Water, citric acid, instant decaffeinated tea, caramel color, aspartame (phenylketonurics: contains phenylalanine), natural flavors.

Per Serving size: 30ml, Sodium (g/mg): 15g



Company: Aguas De Mondariz Fuente Del Val
Brand: Mondariz
Origin: Spain
Category: Iced Tea
Packaging: Aluminium Can 330 ml
Claims: Low calorie. Low cholesterol. Low fat. Low saturated fat. Low sodium. No added sugar. Sugar free. Premium. Made with natural mineral water.
Where to buy: Coming Soon
Website: aguasdemondariz.com

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