Drink Spotlight: Madrinas Cold Brew Coffee

June 27, 2016 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Drink Spotlight: Madrinas Cold Brew Coffee

Introducing Madrinas Cold Brew, made with Fair Trade Organic Certified Coffee! That’s right, the company that delivers your favorite all natural iced coffee is bringing a new coffee line to retail and their online store in March 2016. Our customers have asked for a low sugar coffee without milk and we are delivering. Our cold brew line consists of two flavors in slick new cans. Cold Brew Black is a black coffee cold brewed without milk and only one gram of sugar. Cold Brew + Milk delivers a cold brew coffee with a splash of milk and a pinch of sugar.


What is cold brew you ask?

It is a brewing process in which coffee grounds are steeped at room (or cold) temperatures for a long period of time (traditionally 12 – 24 hours). This brewing method results in a cold brew concentrate. Madrinas Cold Brew dilutes this concentrate into a ready to drink single serve can of coffee.



Why cold brew?

Cold brewing brings out different flavors than when brewed at high temperature. Cold brew drinkers experience a mellower, smoother, less bitter coffee with lower acidity and caffeine as a result of this brewing method.

We can’t wait to get our Cold Brew into your hands! That’s why we are giving away a case of each of our new Cold Brew flavors to three coffee lovers before they are available in store! Sign up to win on our Facebook page for a chance to try it before anyone else.

Our Cold Brew is sure to fuel your day. Grab one before you sit down to program the next big app, battle your opponent in Counter Strike, or take a ride down an exhilarating double diamond slope.






About the Company
Madrinas Coffee promotes #coffee4fuel and positive vibes through badass specialty coffee. We sell All Natural Iced Coffees and Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew Coffees - both brewed with specialty coffee sourced from high altitude growing zones in Colombia and Mexico. Our team of coffee-heads set out to merge the quality and function of specialty coffee with the accessibility of a grab and go beverage. We say death to energy drinks and soda and put our caffeinated powers to work making great coffee as accessible as the stuff that’s bad-for-you.

LIVE NOW is the Madrinas Coffee Micro-Roast, Specialty Whole Bean subscription service. We’re bringing some of the world’s best, rarest coffees direct to your door just days after roast, and weeks after harvest. Sign-up, Grind, Brew, and then use #Coffee4fuel and put Positive Vibes into the world.



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