Drink Spotlight: Herbal Natural Drink

August 27, 2018
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Drink Spotlight: Herbal Natural Drink



Herbal Natural Drink

If your life is full of stress and you are not able to relax and get a deep sleep we've got you covered. Our herbal soft drink will help you to blow off the steam and have a good night sleep with its moderately sweet and lightly carbonated taste.


How Do We Relieve Your Stress?
With our Natural & Herbal ingredient!



According to studies valerian reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and improves sleeping quality, so if you have difficulties with falling asleep, it might be the remedy for you. Valerian root is well known by the general public and physicians for its sedative effect and anti-anxiety potential.



Jasmine has been known since ancient times as the “Queen of Flowers.” Although, is much more than just a pretty flower with a delightful aroma, it also provides remarkable health benefits. Relieves stress, antibacterial qualities, treats insomnia, regulates circulation and sedative effect.



About the company

Herbal Natural Drink helps you in relaxation and also improves both the duration and quality of your sleep with lightly carbonated, green apple flavor which is sure to enjoy. Herbal Natural Drink contains a combination of Valerian Root and Jasmine , Magnesium and Kalcium. Herbal Natural Drink is created to relax the body, soul and mind. It is an ideal beverage for those who can appreciate extreme relaxation. So have a sip of Herbal Natural Drink and blow off the steam! Read More



Company: Herbal Natural Drink
Brand: Herbal Natural Drink
Origin: Hungary
Category: Herbal Soft Drink
Packaging: 1 Tray (24 Can)
Claims: Natural Ingredients. Non-GMO. Vegan. Caffeine Free
Price: Ft6,999
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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