Drink Spotlight: Ganic Vitamin Functional Water

December 9, 2014
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Drink Spotlight: Ganic Vitamin Functional Water



ganic® vitamin is the world‘s first fully natural, plant-based vitamin water. This new soft drink is enriched in functional components such as: Electrolyte, Beauty or Energy.

Inspired by aroma and flower therapies which have been used for centuries to aid wellbeing, ganicwater uses subtle aromas from natural herbs, spices, fruits and flowers infused in the water to provide a sense of flavour through the nose rather than the tongue.

In a wide offering of 15 fun and exciting varieties to suit every mood and every season, including Cranberry Pearl, Velvet Green Tea, Orange Beach, Smooth Ginger and for those wanting a taste of something special; Caramel Toffee - ganicwater is suitable for every occasion.



Company: Ganic Water
Brand: ganic®
Origin: Germany
Category: Vitamin Water
Packaging: 500ml bottle (17 fl oz)
Claims: fully natural, plant-based vitamin water
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: Ganicwater.com




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