Drink Spotlight: Emma & Tom’s Rooibos Brewed Tea

May 22, 2015
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Drink Spotlight: Emma & Tom’s Rooibos Brewed Tea


Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free tea which is popular in South Africa. It has a fruity flavour which we have blended with cranberry, apple and lime to give you a great all natural pick me up.
A relaxing tea.

Emma & Tom’s Brewed Teas start off with the teapot. We really do make a brew! Because of this, they contain all the beneficial antioxidants found in teas. Our Brewed Teas are all natural, contain no added sugar or preservatives and are low in calories.


Ingredients: Brewed Green and Mint Teas, Reconstituted Apple Juice


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About the Company


Who We Are
Emma & Tom’s is a proudly Australian owned business that was founded in 2004 by childhood friends Emma Welsh and Tom Griffith.

Emma & Tom’s brand philosophy, Look After Yourself, runs throughout the business, as we are committed to helping ourselves and all Australians to look after themselves by offering nutritious minimally processed whole fruit products that are good for you… and taste great too!

What We Do
We have built our business by working closely with our producers, offering our clients great service and delivering a product to our customers that we are very proud of. The Emma & Tom’s range includes fresh whole fruit smoothies, life bars packed with fruit, seeds and nuts, refreshing quenchers and our lightly sparkling fruit juice.




Company: Emma and Tom's
Brand:  Rooibos Brewed Tea
Slogan:  Look After Yourself
Origin:  Australia
Category:  Iced Tea
Packaging:  450ml
Claims:  Beneficial antioxidants, all natural, no added sugar
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy:  Australia
Website: http://www.emmaandtom.com/





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