Drink Spotlight: Drink Spotlight: Ficks & Co Premium Cocktail Mix – Margarita

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Drink Spotlight: Drink Spotlight: Ficks & Co Premium Cocktail Mix – Margarita



The classic kick back and relax cocktail made with the highest quality ingredients. Our margarita is made with 100% organic Mexican limes sourced directly from Tecoman, Mexico. Never from concentrate and sweetened with organic agave nectar, this mix creates an authentic taste of Cabo wherever you are. With hints of lemon and orange, this guilt free mixer pairs perfectly with your favorite tequila.


Add alcohol to make ten cocktails!

Margarita Cocktail Recipe: 2 parts Ficks Premium Margarita Mix + 1 part tequila.





About the company:

While Ficks may be new, the founding team has been driving mixology and food science for years. As college roommates, our three cofounders – Ron, Mike and Matt – had challending coursework and athletic commitments, but also a strong passion for mixology. They wanted to find a way to provide better balance at the bar, so that they and their friends could enjoy great tasting cocktails that didn’t interfere with their active lifestyles. From this idea, Ficks Premium Cocktail mixers were born to create a nutritious, functional cocktail mix with all natural ingredients. Read More


Company: Ficks & Co
Brand: Ficks
Origin: USA
Category: Cocktail Mix
Packaging: 32 oz / 950 ml
Claims: Authentic Taste, only 35 Calories. Natural Vitamins. Real Juice.
Variants: Moscow Mule, Margarita
Price: $9.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: ficksdrink.com