Drink Spotlight: Do Bem Detox Monstro Green Juice from Brazil

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Drink Spotlight: Do Bem Detox Monstro Green Juice from Brazil


Do Bem drinks has announced a new product launch in November,  another unprecedented innovation in the beverage market : Green Juice . The drink is the result of a delicious mix of leaves , fruits, vegetables and greens which has became a craze around the world for the numerous benefits the drink offers. Like other drinks from the Do Bem, Green Juice is natural as it contains no preservatives, no sugar or other chemical additives , ie , it is as fresh as juice made ​​at home!


The green juice promotes a true Detox of the body, promoting a " housecleaning " in the body , sweeping toxins, activating the immune system, improving bowel function and hydration of the body. What ensures that positive health action is mixing the ingredients , featuring apple, cucumber, kale, lemon, ginger and mint.


Differentials and innovation are also present in the package of Green Juice ™ as well, ushering in a new visual look with a camouflaged box.


According to the founder and president of the brand, Marcos Leta, Detox, follows the trend of Do Bem of always launching innovative products. " We will continue innovating . We were the first full orange juice, the first coconut water without preservatives and first mate tea with lemon without preservatives. And we will continue with the same focus , simplifying people's lives by offering real, healthy and innovative for our clients and friends experiences, " concludes Mark.




Company: Do Bem
Brand: Do Bem
Origin: Brasil
Category: Water, Juice
Claims: 100% Natural, No Preservatives
Packaging:  1 Liter
Price: R $ 8.99
Website: dobem.com