Drink Spotlight: DIVINIA Water

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Drink Spotlight: DIVINIA Water



DIVINIA Water is from our own patented purification system that allows us to remove pollutants and contaminants on the deepest level. Our purifying process unleashes the potential of water, giving you pure, balanced, oxygenated, light, cellular "EZ" water.

DIVINIA is revolutionary because our exclusive eco-friendly approach brings water back to its original unadulterated form, abundant on our planet thousands of years ago.


Why DIVINIA Water?

Simple. DIVINIA is the only bottled water on Earth that provides clean, hydrating, oxygenated, deuterium depleted, EZ water.

Simple. DIVINIA is the only bottled water on Earth that provides clean, hydrating, oxygenated, deuterium depleted, EZ water.

According to the World Health Organization, 90% of diseases are caused by unclean water and dehydration.

DIVINIA Water is scientifically proven to be both "EZ" (exclusion zone) AND deuterium depleted water, at a 1000x more pure than bottled water, tap water, glacial water, spring water, rain water, or any other kind water available. It is also proven to be more hydrating to the cell, thanks to our exclusive, patented technology. When you drink DIVINIA Water, you are hydrating your body with the purest water to enter your cells.

Exclusion Zone (or "EZ") water is understood by progressive thinkers in the scientific community to be the water nature intended. It is activated water with the ability to enter and energize living, organic cells. Scientists, doctors, bioengineers, biohackers, Nobel laureates, and the like believe that "EZ" water is the same water generated by the cells of living creatures, like humans.

DDW has been studied and proven, by numerous scientists and doctors, to be anti-cancerous, anti-aging, aids in better sleep, aids in greater in energy, and aids in the reduction of depression.

Our patented process is over 14 stages of purification, which takes over 8 hours to purify 3 gallons of DIVINIA Water. Furthermore, our process is environmentally friendly, with no water waste in the purification process. With a mission to provide an all-natural, beneficial beverage free of chemicals, we purvey water free of hormones, pesticides, arsenic, chromium-6, chlorine, fluoride, lead, MTBE, and trace pharmaceuticals.

We love nature, which is why we perfect the world's most precious resource for the world's most valuable species: the human race.


8 Reasons to Drink DIVINIA

1) Tested to be EZ water
2) Tested to be deuterium depleted water
3) Purest and lightest form of water
4) Tested to have lower oxygen/hydrogen energy bond (more bioavailable)
5) Tested to have higher O16/O18 ratio
6) Tested to have higher saturated oxygen content than normal water
7) Tested to be unbuffered, neutral pH (good for digestion and does not
harm digestive processes)
8) Patented protected process (DIVINIA intellectual property) that is environmentally friendly and wastes no water





DIVINIA is dedicated to pioneering revolutionary water purification technology and contributing to the advancement on the study of water.

Our mission is to meet the rising demand for superior bottled water by pioneering the advancement of water purification technology that is energy efficient and eco- friendly while offering an exceptional drinking experience.

Our mission is to work alongside and operate within communities by establishing plants in various regions in order to keep resources local, add employment, and reduce carbon emissions by shipping within a 300 mile radius.

Our mission is to be transparent, open, and communicative with our customers and to provide communities with clean, reliable water one city at a time.



Company: DIVINIA
Origin: USA
Category: Water
Packaging: 16 oz (473 mL)
Claims: Purest and lightest form of water. Highly oxygenated watern
Price: $55.9 (12 pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online