Drink Spotlight: Buho Mexican Sodas

February 17, 2016
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Drink Spotlight: Buho Mexican Sodas




"A new generation of sodas for a new generation of consumers!" This is the result of a great trip with friends to Oaxaca and more than a year in development of the product till its perfection. The idea of this project begun in a visit I made from my native country Germany to Mexico.  The trip was organized to the city of Oaxaca with some friends that I met during a university exchange.  After buying cola flavored sodas and energy drinks, to avoid falling asleep while driving back to Mexico City, we crossed the beautiful Sierra Madre and its incomparable nature and thought it was illogic to love nature so much and yet consume artificial drinks.


On my way back to Germany, I decided to make the dream of making modern and honest sodas a reality: a combination of exquisite flavor, less calories, natural ingredients, spring water and sweetened with a Mexican organic product  as is the agave nectar of Jalisco in combination with natural stevia.


I didn't understand why Mexico being a producing country of delicious and varied fruits, its population must drink artificial drinks with great doses of sugar. It is important to care for the health of those that inhabit this beautiful country.


Now in Mexico, I started the materialization of the project. It took awhile to see its crystallization, but you can be sure that we offer you a product of Germany quality with Mexican flavor which has been revised down to the smallest detail so that you can enjoy the authentic Buho flavor with every sip you take - and without having to fill yourself with a calorie bomb!





Your New Soul Mate

  • Delicious Orange juice mixed with mandarin and lemon juice (15% of total juice)
  • Mexican sweet orange intense flavor
  • Slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar from Jalisco and Stevia extracts
  • 100% flavor, low in calories
  • With Vitamin C
  • Low Sodium






When Life gives you limes, make Limonada

  • 7% Lime Juice with a touch of mint flavor
  • Slightly sweetened with agave nectar from Jalisco and stevia extracts
  • 100% flavor, low in calories
  • With Vitamin C
  • Low Calorie
  • Low Sodium






Wake up Naturally

  • One of the strongest Kola's in the world with a natural shot of caffeine
  • With natural lemon juice
  • Without phosphoric acid
  • Slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar from Jalisco and stevia extracts
  • Reduced in Calories
  • Low Sodium






Company: Mima Sodas
Brand: Buho
Slogan: A New Generation of Sodas
Category: Soft Drinks
Origin: Mexico
Claims: Low Calorie, Sweetened with Stevia
Packaging: 12fl oz (355ml)
Varieties: Naranjada, Limonada, Kola
Price: $1.45
Where to Buy: Mexico
Website: buho-soda.mx










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