Drink Spotlight: Aroha Sparlking Elderflower Feijoa

January 15, 2014
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Drink Spotlight: Aroha Sparlking Elderflower Feijoa


There is perhaps no fruit more quintessential to New Zealand that the Feijoa.

These green grenades of flavour grow so well that during the New Zealand autumn they will choke your lawnmower if you can't eat them fast enough.

The mower will release a sweet, fruity, almost intoxicating aroma making you want to kick back, relax and enjoy the last of the summer sun (so stay focused).
When we combine the Feijoas with the Elderflower something very special happens.

You will see why the drink is called Aroha because you will indeed fall in love with the combination: floral and fruity, citrus and sweet

About Aroha
In Maori language "Aroha" is a word meaning love for the land and its people. In 2007 Mark made his first batch of Aroha cordial which he made from wild elderflowers grown on the Canterbury Plains. Its colour was a beautiful gold and it tasted delicious.
Many years before Mark’s mother picked up a French hitchhiker from the roadside. The Frenchman showed her how to use the elderflower, which was abundant and in full flower at that time. Together they turned the elderflower into a delicious drink which the whole family enjoyed. Read More


Company: Aroha
Brand: Aroha
Slogan: Crafted by Hand
Origin: New Zealand
Category: Juice
Packaging: 330ml bottle
Claims: Crafted by Hand
Variants: Original, Elderflower Feijoa, Blackcurrant, Rhubarb
Price: $3.20 NZ
Where to Buy: Direct on Website, Store Locator
Website:  arohadrinks.co.nz





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