Drink Spotlight: Acti-Shake High Protein Dairy Drink

December 1, 2016
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Drink Spotlight: Acti-Shake High Protein Dairy Drink



ACTI-SHAKE® is a nutritious low fat protein drink.

Made with milk protein and packed full of goodness. The ideal drink for people on the go. Protein forms part of a healthy diet and our shake are packed with 25g of this good stuff.

Enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, Acti-Shake can massively benefit your life. This is thanks to our shakes containing 25g of protein per 330ml of Acti-Shake.


Benefits of Acti-Shake

…you’ll love the Acti-Shake stats…





What’s your flavour?

Strawberry or Chocolate

Acti-Shake comes in two delicious flavours…would you prefer creamy chocolate or scrumptious strawberry?
The real question is: can you resist trying both?


Packed with milk protein, low in fat, high in calcium…what more can we say? Oh yes, it’s delicious too!



Life is getting busier every day so anything that makes things easier is great, right? That’s what we think at Acti-Shake.

It’s really important to have enough protein in our diets. Every cell in the human body contains protein. We need it for muscle repair, keeping our bones, skin and hair healthy, and it supports our immune systems too. So, here’s the question: are you getting enough?

We wanted to find a way to help people get protein in their diets, but we didn’t want it to be boring. Our clever design people got to work and invented Acti-Shake, which we think is the perfect solution!

Each bottle contains at least 25g of protein, is low in fat and calories but high in calcium. The 330ml portion is a really convenient size to pop in your bag and take with you to enjoy when you’re out and about. Even better: it’s really tasty too!



Company: Acti-Shake
Brand: High Protein Dairy Drink
Origin: UK
Category: Dairy Drink
Packaging: 330ml
Claims: Low fat, high in protein. Contains 98% skimmed milk.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator






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