Drink Review: Rebbl Hibiscus Mint Organic Tonic

January 30, 2014
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Drink Review: Rebbl Hibiscus Mint Organic Tonic



REBBL was created to be the world’s finest organic, ethically-sourced, therapeutic strength herbal tonic. We have searched for something similar, but nothing else compares.
We know you care about the details, and what we leave out of REBBL is almost as
important as what we put in. The result? Pure, delicious, full-strength tonics. Always.
Every REBBL tonic is formulated as a celebration of the finest, world-class adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogens, a very special class of herbal compounds, are among the most prized health promoting substances known to man. Famed for normalizing the body, gently bringing it back to homeostasis, adaptogens appear to target and correct what’s out of balance. Only a handful of these unique supertonic herbs exist and we are dedicated to bringing you the best.

Some of the benefits attributed to adaptogens:
Strengthen the immune system
Improve focus & attention span
Balance appetite and mood
Accelerate physical recovery
Decrease anxiety and tension
Increase long-term endurance
Increase protection to the vital organs

Adaptogens promote general wellness through complex biological processes. Sometime referred to as dual-directional herbs, adaptogens can promote homeostasis when important body systems (like the immune system) are out of balance. These special herbs can be taken daily as they have both an immediate and cumulative long-term effect. It's the oldest and newest wellness science - a higher herbal intelligence.

Fair Trade
Therapeutic strength
Artisan and sustainably sourced
Respectful of traditional knowledge
Made with full-spectrum ingredients
Always true-brewed whole leaf teas



‘Natural Flavors’
Soy derived ingredients
Agave syrup or nectar
Isolated compounds
Preservatives or artificial anything (of course)





Hibiscus Mint

HIBISCUS MINT blends three of South America's superior tonic herbs with yerba mate, the region's most popular energizing tea.

The iridescent hummingbird of this Peruvian tonic is the mythological messenger of the gods and a sacred symbol of supreme adaptability. One of the world’s great mysteries is the 305-foot-long hummingbird drawn on the surface of the Nazca desert in Peru over 2,000 years ago.






About the Company
REBBL was born out of a passionate collaboration between powerful thought-leaders to identify an innovative, sustainable, market-based solution to stop exploitation in the Peruvian Amazon. Learn about Not For Sale’s Montara Circle.

From inception to launch, we’ve started a movement. We’ve forged the path to a healthier, more just and dignified world.







Company: Rebbl
Brand: Rebbl
Slogan: The Herbal Force of Nature Bottled
Origin: USA
Category: Herbal Supplement
Packaging: 16fl oz
Claims: Organic
Variants: Hibiscus Mint, Forrest Berry, Ginger Citrus
Price: $39.90 (12 pack monthly subscription)
Where to Buy: Direct on Website


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