Drink Review: KiKi Maple Sweet Water

March 12, 2014
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Drink Review: KiKi Maple Sweet Water


KiKi Maple Sweet Water® beverages offer a unique alternative to bottled water, sports drinks and other naturally hydrating beverages such as coconut water.

Made with 100% pure Canadian maple sap and natural flavours, KiKi Maple Sweet Water® offers many of the much-needed vitamins, minerals and electrolytes your body needs for hydration throughout the day.

No water is ever added! The main ingredient, maple sap, is 'filtered naturally' through the root system of Canada's sugar and black maple trees.

KiKi Maple Sweet Water® is a source of a newly identified organic acid that may have implications for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Abscisic Acid (ABA) is a phytochemical closely related to Vitamin A that has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. ABA is also known to stimulate insulin release through the pancreatic cells and to increase sensitivity of fat cells to insulin. The low sugar/energy content of maple sap works with ABA to encourage insulin homeostasis.

KiKi Maple Sweet Water® Features:

100% pure Canadian maple sap

Contains only natural flavours

No preservatives or additives

Low in calories

Naturally sweet with hints of vanilla

Nutrient dense

Source of health promoting active ingredients such as prebiotics, organic acids and antioxidant​s





About the Company
Lorraine & Keith Harris are both the passion and heart of KiKi Maple Sweet Water®. They come by it honestly, through a life of pursuits including a 5-year foray as "back to the landers".

From 1977-1982, their journey was more rustic - wood heat, kerosene lamps and everything harvested from the land-everything grown at home.

Years of full-lives including family, careers and ultimately, a memory of this simpler life and rich past that brought them full circle to develop KiKi Maple Sweet Water® for the Canadian marketplace in 2009.


Company: Troll Bridge Creek
Brand: Kiki
Slogan: Filtered by Nature
Origin: Canada
Category: Water
Packaging: 300ml
Claims: Antioxidants
Variants: Maple Cranberry, Maple, Maple Strawberry, Maple Blueberry
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: trollbridgecreek.ca



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Product rating: 2.6/5 (2)

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