Drink Review Firefly Raspberry & Pomegranate on the Go

January 27, 2014
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Drink Review Firefly Raspberry & Pomegranate on the Go


Ever since we started Firefly people have been asking us to make a Firefly they can pop in a bag and drink on-the-go...

So here it is, delicious natural refreshment on-the-go, in 3 delicious new flavours.

All original blends of delicious fruit juices and botanicals with absolutely nothing artificial.

So pick a card, any card, to find out more...



Take a handful of raspberries, a crush of pomegranates, and a pinch of elderflower and before you know it you'll be whizzing along singing 'I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike'...

So what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set, go!

Still Water
Fruit juices from concentrate:
Raspberry (12%)
Orange (4%)
Cloudy Lemon (2%)
Pomegranate (1%)
Botanical extracts (0.5%)(see below)
Natural flavouring

Botanical Extracts
Elder (flower)
Goji (berry)
Green Tea (leaf)
Hibiscus (flower)
Rosemary (leaf)

Typical values per 100ml:
Energy - 143kj/34cal
Protein - 0.2g
Carbohydrate - 8.0g
Fat- 0g

About the Company
We'd always thought one day we'd start a business - whenever we had A-level coursework to do, we found ourselves bouncing (mostly silly) business ideas around instead.

Then in 2002 we were both working in the city - you know, working late, burning the candle at both ends, trying to stay healthy...

We were fed up with the fact that all the drinks on the market either contained more chemicals than a plastics factory or gave us the unpleasant feeling that they should be served by Mary Poppins with a spoonful of sugar.

So we decided to make what we needed for ourselves. Rather than just head to the kitchen and pick up a blender we decided to go the long way round, and create an entirely new product. Read More



Company: Firefly Tonics
Brand: Firefly Tonics
Slogan: Natural Drinks
Origin: UK
Category: Juice
Packaging: 500ml bottle
Claims: All Natural, On the Go
Variants: View all Here
Price: £1.59
Where to buy: Stockists, Buy Online
Website:  fireflytonics.com


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