Dora the Explorer Taking Over Mexican Market

April 25, 2012
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Dora the Explorer Taking Over Mexican Market

In glittery pink and lavender, Dora the Explorer (or Dora la Exploradora in Spanish) products are taking up a whole shelf in Mexican supermarkets and look to be the new favorite with young girls. Disney Princess and some other minor brands have a couple of competing products, usually at slightly lower prices, but it is clear who the preference goes to. The Dora the Explorer range consists of mainly small and medium sized gift packs of various types of makeup, lip gloss, jewelry and nail accessories. Prices start at $95.00 and reach $170, depending on the product. There is also a giant cosmetics set for $260.

The Dora character was originally made popular in the U.S., teaching viewers Spanish. In Mexico, the show is sometimes completely in reverse with lines that were originally in English dubbed in Spanish and vice versa. Dora is one of the first Latino characters to reach such success on television. This provides a positive image for young Mexican girls, as opposed to white, blonde girls that are more commonly depicted as role models.

Company: Townley Inc., endorsed by Nick Jr.

Brand: Dora la Exploradora.

Presentation: Various.

Price: $95.00 - $170.

Purchased at: Walmart.

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