Device Spotlight: Hurom Juicer

February 7, 2019
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Device Spotlight: Hurom Juicer



Hurom’s goal is to fill your everyday life with delicious, easy-to-make juices squeezed from fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables. We would like to introduce you to a lifestyle that incorporates Hurom and all the natural health benefits that come along with it.


What can you make?
Hurom’s secret to making delicious and healthy drinks without chemical additives lies in its desire to bring people as close to nature as possible. Enjoy the wide variety of recipes you can make with fresh fruits and vegetables, ranging from juices and smoothies to desserts.


The Slow Squeeze Difference
Our slow-squeezing juicers make real, natural juices with no added water, ice, or chemical additives.
Our slow juicers filter out the insoluble fiber present in the ingredients used, thus removing their bitter compounds. The resulting juices are clear and have a rich taste and velvety texture, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of every last drop of the ingredients used.


Hurom’s International Recognition
Our reputation for making high-tech juicers has been growing worldwide, with our slow juicers having won several prominent design awards, including the Red Dot Award, iF Product Design Award, and International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). Our patented Slow Squeeze Technology, which uses a vertical auger, has been certified by over 100 institutions, proving our technical capabilities.


Hurom gives the priceless gift of free time in the morning
Hurom’s new model, which is more convenient than ever before,
allows our customers to enjoy the experience of falling in love with Hurom juice all over again every day.
With enhanced functions designed to offer greater usability, we make juicing more convenient and help you free up a little more time to relax in the morning.
The smart hopper, which is designed to enable one-step juice extraction.
That give you a much-needed few extra minutes of free time while the juice is being extracted.
Also, the internal vertical structure of the juicer has been designed for easy pulp expulsion,
and the slim body design allows you to fit the device into even the narrowest of spaces.


Wider body allows all ingredients to be inserted together!

The smart hopper, which has been designed to automatically feed the ingredients into the juicer after they have been inserted all together, is incredibly convenient, because it eliminates the need for the repeated manual insertion of ingredients.


Convenience of the dual hopper!

The dual hopper, which can be installed and removed when necessary, features two slots that have been more efficient juice extraction process with our dual hopper!


Smart control with a Jog Dial!


The power Jog Dial is located on the front for increased visibillity and convenience of use.


Wonderful flavors and vivid colors!

Hurom juice, which always features a fresh scent and vivid colors, perfectly preserves the natural flavors and high nutritional value of the ingredients using a juice extraction method that involves slow squeezing.



Hurom Brand Story

The conveniences that surround us and the hectic lifestyles we lead in today’s modern world, make it hard for us to appreciate the small,
pleasant moments in our lives. We want to change that by introducing people to the quality and value of the slow life.
We want to restore people’s gratitude for nature and satisfaction with life by helping them recover their health naturally, enjoy a fulfilling life
for the benefit of both their body and mind, and protect themselves and their loved ones from anxiety and stress.
Taking small steps every day can transform your life, and a cup full of the wonders of nature that is Hurom juice is a great place to start. Read More



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