Design Spotlight: Enhance Portable Water Enhancer

March 26, 2014 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Design Spotlight: Enhance Portable Water Enhancer


Designed by
Multiple Owners



The brief:
We were commissioned to work on a new health drinks brand called Enhance.
As an FMCG it was necessary to approach the design of the website with the end
consumer in mind. Investigating consumer trends in key marketsespecially the
health drinks industry was a good starting point and allowed us to then design a
fresh,clean looking and aspirational product-centric, ecommerce site.

The site targets young professional women who are health conscious and their
busy lifestyles dictate how they interact with brands. The simple functionality and
responsive nature of the website is seamlessly integrated to ensure that the user
experience is central to the design and it is quick and easy to make purchases
whilst informatively engaging.

Artwork, direction and design: Alex Tomkins & Chris Poole
Photography: Kris Piotrowski
Client: Enhance
Agency: redcow creative