Dairy Spotlight: Top Line Milk Company Launches Low and Slow Milk

April 19, 2016
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Dairy Spotlight: Top Line Milk Company Launches Low and Slow Milk


Top Line Milk Company does not separate, standardize or homogenize our milk.

Top Line only sells whole milk and since we own our own cows and control the soure of our milk, our milk is bottled as it is naturally produced from the cow. Our milk meets or exceeds all California milk standards, therefore no separation or standardization is necessary.

We also skip the homogenization process, providing old-fashioned cream-top milk. This means our milk will naturally separate when it sits for an extended period of time, with the cream rising to the top. So please "Shake & Enjoy!"

Top Line uses the vat "Low & Slow" pasteurization method. We pasteurize on-farm in small batches for a longer time. Our milk is heated to 145 degrees for 30 minutes in insulated vat pasteurizers. This ensures you all the natural, wholesome qualities of farm-fresh milk.


Our Philosophy

The key is to start with the highest quality milk. At Top Line Milk Company we obtain all of our milk directly from our own Holstein dairy cows at PH Ranch. PH Ranch is recognized as a “Gold Standard Dairy” by Dairy Farmers of America for its animal welfare and high-quality milk. Quality milk starts with quality cows, of course, so we work hard to give our cows the very best care and nutrition.

Our experienced staff ensures our animals are well-cared for and kept healthy. Our cows are allowed to roam free most of the year between free-stalls and exercise pens. The free-stalls are covered and allow our cows to lie in dry, soft, individual beds year round. Shade, soakers and fans are provided in warmer months. Our husbandry and cow comfort standards are an integral part of our farming philosophy.

During the winter we grow and harvest a blend of winter grasses and in the summer we harvest corn silage. The crops are then stored on the farm and fed year round to ensure a stable, well-balanced diet. We work closely with a nutritionist to manage our feeding program. Our cows are fed a daily “TMR” or Total Mixed Ration, which offers a scientifically balanced diet for our cows.

Vertical integration is at the heart of how we run our farm every day. Our dairy waste is reclaimed and converted into valuable compost for our crops. We also add reclaimed and carefully measured nutrients during irrigation to fortify the land. This extra investment ensures high-quality feed for our cows, sustainability of our land and a conscientious approach to waste management on the dairy. Our farming operation meets all air and water standards and is "Environmentally Certified" through CDQAP (California Dairy Quality Assurance Program).



Farm-to-Table Processing
Fresh and Sustainable Milk

Bottling our own milk just minutes after it comes from the cow provides unparalleled freshness. Bottling on-farm also takes a milk truck off the road, reducing our carbon footprint. Furthermore, our processing facility reclaims and recycles fresh water, thus conserving valuable ground water. Processing in small batches allows us the time to utilize slow processing and ensures exemplary quality control.



Company: Top Line Milk Company
Brand:  Low and Slow
Slogan: The Old Fashioned Way
Origin: US
Category: Milk
Packaging: 8oz - 1 gallon
Claims: Real California Milk, 8g of Protein per Serving, Full Bodied Taste, Bottled Fresh on the Farm, Natural Vitamins and Nutrients
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US
Website: toplinemilk.com












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