Dairy Spotlight: Onken Natural Set Biopot Yogurt

February 19, 2015
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Dairy Spotlight: Onken Natural Set Biopot Yogurt



Onken Natural Set Yogurt is a firm and silky yogurt - we used to state “firm and silky” as a description on the packaging - made with whole milk and live bio cultures to give a wonderfully mild, fresh and creamy taste. It's firm texture makes it ideal to sit on top of a chilli or a jacket potato. Whilst delicious on its own, its luxurious taste and smooth texture makes this yogurt the perfect cooking ingredient in curries, sauces and marinades. It also gives you the body and firmness of Greek yogurt, but without the high fat associated with Greek and Greek style yogurts too! Have a look at some of our recipes to get inspiration as to how you can use it at home.



Contains: Cows Milk






About the company:

With over 65 years of yogurty experience under our belt we are well placed to make some of the most generous yogurt around. Bursting with flavour that just can’t be contained in a small pot; we are the pioneers of Yogurt in a Big Pot!

Fancy a trip to the brighter side of life? We’ve got it covered with our four irresistible ranges of Natural, Fruity Wholegrain, Fat Free and Fruity yogurt, there’s bound to be something to make you smile.

It’s our unique blend of live bio cultures that gives Onken yogurt its mild, thick and creamy taste but don’t be fooled into thinking that means we’ve gone soft on taste, there are no half measures with us! We’re big on natural ingredients which makes us even bigger on taste.

Life’s too short to be depriving yourself of good things; we believe our passion for all things yogurty means that you end up with the really important part, just real tasty yogurt.



Company: Onken UK Ltd.
Brand:  Onken
Origin: UK
Category: Yogurt
Packaging: 500g
Claims: Natural. Fresh and creamy taste
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Retailers
Website: www.onken.co.uk





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