Dairy Spotlight: Lewis Road Creamery Limited Release S’mores Flavored Milk

October 13, 2019
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Dairy Spotlight: Lewis Road Creamery Limited Release S’mores Flavored Milk


Like all good things here at Lewis Road Creamery, our latest creation was born from a conversation around the kitchen table.

We were reminiscing about summer rituals when the subject of S'Mores came up. The act of roasting marshmallows around the campfire, sandwiching them along with a slab of milk chocolate between two biscuits before squishing them to perfection, is a custom familiar to many. 

With the velvety taste of melted marshmallow fresh in our minds, we approached our friends from Whittaker's to bring you the ultimate campfire indulgence. Our new S'Mores flavoured milk is the perfect marriage of our Chocolate milk and marshmallow, bottled up in typical Lewis Road goodness.

For those who aren't familiar with S'Mores, we enlisted the help of three (expert) Girl Guides to show you how it's done: 


Available today throughout the country in our new rPET 300ml bottles, we would love you to channel you inner Girl Guide and share your spring/summer adventures with our S'Mores milk in hand.

Whether it's taking a bottle hiking in the weekend, enjoying one during a bungy jump, or having it for breakfast on your next camping trip, be sure to capture your outdoor pursuits and tag us @lewisroadcreamery

We'll be sharing the love (and the content) all season long, and rewarding our S'Mores lovers along the way. Enjoy! 

The Team at Lewis Road Creamery


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