Dairy Spotlight: Jale Apricot Fruit Quark

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Dairy Spotlight: Jale Apricot Fruit Quark


The quark is made by ripening milk with lactic-sour bacterias, separating whey. Quark is rich with proteins, fats, lactose, methionine, lysine, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium etc.

Quark Jale is subdivided to fat quark (18%), defatted (3%) and fruit. To supply your food with proper components and provide healthy way of living, we produce natural and tasty Quark Jale, which contain complex of minerals, vitamins and protein human needs most of all.


Composition: pasteurized pure milk

Feeding value of 100 gr. of product: fats 2%, protein 3%, iron 2.4%, calcium (CaCL) 2.8%, protein 14%

Energy value: 226 kcal

Keeping period: 14 days.

Storage conditions: +4°C, +6°C



About the Company
Our aim: to supply our consumers with qualified goods and to glorify Azerbaijan on the world market by means of our products.

Our mission: to become leader among manufacturers due to our natural and ecologically pure production.

The plant constructing new production zones and increases assortment. To increase production power and assortment of products we develop new projects and install newest modern equipment.

To improve quality and results of production of Dairy Products Company Gilan we are trying to develop agriculture increasing cattle breeding along with informing farmers about it. We believe that on base of adoption of new technologies products of Azerbaijan will win leadership on the world market arena. Our main goal is to enter into the ranks of the most famous manufacturers of fruit juice and creating of our own market niche in the world market.

Our goal means introducing to consumer, loving milk, qualified 100% natural and safe assortment of products. Also we try to add specialties along with successful introducing our products abroad.

Company: Gilan Holding
Brand: Jale
Origin: Azerbaiyán
Category: Dairy
Packaging: 200g
Claims: Protein
Variants:  3%, 18%, Apricot
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: jale.az