Dairy Spotlight: Clover Organic Greek Yogurt

April 26, 2016
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Dairy Spotlight: Clover Organic Greek Yogurt



Our superior quality Organic Greek Yogurt is carefully crafted in authentic Greek tradition using fresh Clover Organic Nonfat Milk and the finest premium organic fruits. Silky smooth and mildly tangy this authentically strained yogurt has a thick, creamy texture that will dance in your mouth and keep you feeling satisfied all day.

Available in six udderly delicious flavors these protein rich yogurts are packed with calcium and live cultures that make them the perfect addition to a healthy diet. And true to our passion for excellence they contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Brought to you direct from the happy cows on our family-owned dairy farms, Clover Organic Greek Yogurt pleases the Gods.



Organic Blueberry: Sweet and tangy come together in this classic flavor that combines the floral, jammy notes of Organic Blueberries and Elderberry married with fresh Clover Organic Nonfat Milk.


Organic Strawberry: Reminiscent of summer at its peak, our Strawberry Greek Yogurt is like dipping your spoon into a ripe, juicy berry patch blended fresh Clover Organic Nonfat Milk.





Organic Peach: Savor the fresh-picked essence of sweet, sun-kissed peaches plucked from the tree and perfectly paired with fresh Clover Organic Nonfat Milk. It’s a creamy treat that’s just plain peachy!

Organic Black Cherry: Get ready to fall in love with this burst of flavorful tart organic cherries paired with creamy Clover Organic Nonfat Milk and subtle floral notes of cassis and fresh-baked pie.

Organic Vanilla: America’s favorite flavor just got better! We’ve blended fresh Clover Organic Nonfat Milk with aromatic vanilla bean, then strained it for a creamy consistency and rich, tantalizing taste that’s perfect for breakfast, a healthy snack, or a nutritious smoothie.

Organic Plain: Crafted with the perfect balance of creaminess and tang, our Plain Greek Yogurt is anything but plain. Starring fresh Clover Organic Nonfat Milk direct from the happy cows on our family-owned dairy farms, this thick, rich yogurt has a luxurious mouth-feel and texture perfect in its pure form, or used to enhance other foods.

About the company

Clover Stornetta Farms’ founder, Gene M. Benedetti passed away in 2006, but his legacy lives on in the second and third generation of family members and employees who follow in his footsteps at Clover, along with Clo The Cow, our famous mascot, one of Gene’s most well-loved creations.

A WWII veteran who lived through the invasion of Normandy on D-day, Gene returned home to Petaluma, CA to found what is now one of the most respected dairy processors in the country, and became a pillar of his community, known for his generosity to those less fortunate.

We strive to live up to the high standards of excellence he established all those many years ago in everything we do at Clover Stornetta Farms.



Company: Clover
Brand:  Organic Greek Yogurt
Origin: US
Category:  Yogurt
Packaging:  150g
Claims:  Made from premium organic fruits, organic.
Variants: View Range Here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website:  https://www.cloverpetaluma.com/



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