Dairy Spotlight: Alpina Strawberry Greek Yogurt

April 29, 2015
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Dairy Spotlight: Alpina Strawberry Greek Yogurt


Alpina Greek Yogurt is a low-fat yogurt with 0 % fat and a good source of protein as it contains twice as much protein, compared with Original Alpina Yogurt.

Protein is important in a balanced diet and is an essential nutrient for the human body because it contributes to the formation and preservation of muscle mass. A glass of 150 grams of Alpina Greek Yogurt contributes 18% of the daily requirement of protein.

Alpina Greek yogurt naturally provides calcium, a mineral that contributes to normal blood clotting, normal muscle function and is necessary for the maintenance of bones and teeth in normal conditions. A portion of Greek Yogurt Alpina helps cover 15% of the daily requirement of calcium.

About the Company
At Alpina Foods, we believe life should be savored, and that every new day should be met with vitality and optimism. That’s why we offer a range of wholesome products that are exciting and always delicious. Nourishing the body while feeding the spirit, they fuel your appetite for all that life has to offer.  We were born with this positive philosophy at our core. Our parent company, Alpina, started out as the dream of two Swiss entrepreneurs who settled in Sopo, Colombia, and used their traditions and expertise to create artisan cheeses by hand.  Today, Alpina is one of the most recognized companies in South America, offering classic favorites such as oat smoothies and drinkable yogurts. With manufacturing facilities in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and our newest addition in the United States, we provide more than 500 consumer products including baby foods, juices, desserts, cheeses, smoothies, and yogurts to millions every day. The original goals established by our founders in 1945 remain central to the company today, and with more than 6,200 employees across the globe we’re continuing to spread our love for wholesome products everywhere we go.


Company: Alpina
Brand: Alpina Griego
Origin: Colombia
Category: Yogurt
Packaging: Cup
Claims: 0% Fat, Protein
Varieties: Original
Price: $2.140
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: alpina.com



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