Daily Insight: Consume Sprouted Grains for long & strong lifespan

October 8, 2015
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Daily Insight: Consume Sprouted Grains for long & strong lifespan



Grains as you know can be anything ranging from rice, wheat and corn to oats, barley and many more. The definition of sprouted grain lies in the process of seed blossoming where the brief time span in which the seed/grain starts to sprout just before it develops into a complete plant; that concise time period is vastly known as sprouted grain stage. Sprouted grain’s outer bran layer is often split open and the blossoming tiny roots of plant are peeking out of the grain. If you closely examine the grain, the starchy portion starts to wear out and give way to the awakening of the plant. The particular change in state forms the basis of the nutritional difference between a conventional and sprouted grain; generally the percentage of minerals, vitamins, and proteins increases in the sprouted grain due to wear and tear of the starch on its body.

Sprouted grains are proven to be beneficial for patients suffering from uncontrolled blood pressure. The usage of buckwheat extracts helps the body to stabilize the movement of blood and ensures healthy living. Moreover, the sprouted brown rice can assist the patient of diabetes to control sugar to a level where they can actually live like normal people without any concern of fasting glucose. It also reduces the risk of catching cardiovascular diseases.



Ezekiel Bread is one example where they use six different sprouted grains to keep ideal nutrition levels in their product allowing consumers to have healthy value for money. Another example is of






Kashi Sprouted Grains Multi-Grain organic cereal which is a product of Kellogg Boosts; made with 100-percent sprouted grains such as wheat, brown rice, oats, barley, spelt and amaranth.






Alpine Breads has a Spelt and Sprouted Grains bread. It is also very healthy in nature and widely consumed in USA.



By Farah Jawad







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