Daily Insight: Benefits of Camel Milk

August 9, 2016
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Daily Insight: Benefits of Camel Milk



The growing popularity of Camel Milk across the world is disrupting the traditional markets and paving path for new startups and product possibilities.

Experts claim that camel's milk helps fight everything from food allergies and diabetes to autism and cancer. Camel’s milk is fast-gaining popularity in Europe and the US as a new super food. Lower in fat than the milk of its bovine cousins, camel's milk is packed full of nutrients.

Some of the featured companies which are based around camel milk production and camel milk products are

  1. Desert Farms, USA
  2. Camellife.com, Florida
  3. Desert Daughters, Israel
  4. Camelicious, Dubai
  5. Skinue, Australia
  6. Al Nassma, Dubai
  7. Wild Camel Corporation, Australia


Desert Farms, USA

Desert farms is sparking a camel milk revolution across US. They have a broad range of camel milk products and expanding into different  line of products. Their infant camel milk formula is all set to hit market by end of summer 2016.

Raw Milk                                                              Powedered Camel Milk



Camel Milk Soap                                                                 Face Cream



Camellife.com, Florida


The folks at Camel Life decided they wanted to be in the business of camels but also decided that it would take many years to build out a productive stock of camels sufficient to produce the quantity of milk he desired. There isn't enough camel milk currently produced in all of America to supply the demands of Camel Life.

They decided to talk to people in the land of camels….the middle east. After conferring with Saudi’s, Pakistani’s, Emirati’s, and others, they decided to contract with a company in the United Arab Emirates to produce a line a camel milk soap, lip balm, shampoo, and other products under the brand name “Camel Life”.





They are currently manufacturing a fantastic line of luxury Camel Milk Lip Balms in four fragrances: Peppermint, Orange, Strawberry, and Unscented. We will be ready to ship in late August.

And are in the early stages of developing a complete lineup of Camel Milk Liquid Soaps, Foaming Soaps, Shower Gel and and Body Wash. These amazing and innovative products will be ready by late fall, 2016.



בת המדבר


Camel Milk Face Cream


Camel Milk Soap


Camelicious, Dubai

Camelicious company in Dubai has an extensive range of Camel products and is setting its eyes in expansion in Europe and US. They have seen an increasing demand of their products in Europe and are planning to open facility there.

Some of their products:

Camel Milk

Camel Ice cream


Camel Labneh


Skinue, Australia

In the heart of Arabian desert, SKINUE was born. SKINUE is the first bio - based skin care innovation developed by a team of  biotechnology experts at MONOJO, an entrepreneurial  biotechnology company.

SKINUE’s secret lies in the active ingredient; customarily designed camel whey. The Camel Milk Whey is obtained from Camelicious - the Royal families very own world-renowned camel milk product line


Three Step Acne Bundle - Oily - Combination


Al Nassma, Dubai

Al Nassma is Dubai's Luxury brand for  Fine White Chocolate made from Camel's milk.

They claim to be the first chocolate in this category.

They have been expanding their presence globally by entering European and Asian markets.


The Wild Camel Corporation, Australia

Australia’s first commercial scale camel dairy using sustainable farming to bring you nutritious, quality produce.

Co-director of the Australian Wild Camel Corporation, Hannah Purss, sees huge unused potential for opportunities around Alice Springs, due to the region’s large population of feral camels.

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